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Why Do SEO?

It is important to understand the benefits that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) offers your business. SEO is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects when thinking about promoting your website online. Imagine someone searches for your type of product or service using Google, Bing or Yahoo and your business appears at the top of the organic search listings.

Our SEO service has already helped many businesses do just that. We help you break down the barriers that hold your website back from reaching the top of search results, gaining quality traffic, attracting new customers and increasing your revenue from search engines.

3 out of 4 users never go beyond page one

Over 90% of internet activity begins with a Search engine

Let's Build a Strategy

An SEO strategy is extremely important as this will form the baseline for undertaking tasks, setting goals and achieving deadlines. We will create a bespoke SEO strategy which will be setup in order for us to map out targets and expectations, make adjustments and experiment throughout the course of your campaign to get the best results.

Step 1 - Keyword Analysis

We take the time to understand how your audience searches online for your products and services, as this is fundamental to making your SEO strategy profitable. We have a wide range of tools and resources at our disposal which allows us to delve into market data and highlight the keywords that your customers are using, plus truly understand their search behaviour and online activity.

Step 2 - Competitor Analysis

SEO is very competitive! Doesn’t every online business want to be at the top of Google? Your competitors are no different and that’s why our SEO service will exploit your competitor’s websites, by analysing their SEO efforts, we can uncover what threat they may pose to your online success. Our SEO consultants have years of experience in decompiling and analysing websites, which also means we can highlight opportunities available to help strengthen your authority and beat them to poll position.

Step 3 - Technical Audit

We will perform a full technical SEO audit on your website, which will involve your SEO consultant looking at your websites structure, meta data and more. By adhering to Google guidelines and other industry principals, we can ensure your website is easy for Google and other search engines to crawl and index correctly, resulting in the best possible chance of ranking high in search engine results. Having strong search engine rankings is important but if you’re not gaining quality traffic as a result then your SEO efforts are fundamentally floored. What makes our SEO special is that we not only ensure your meta data is correctly formatted we also aim to improve your click through rates (CTR) from highly profitable keywords.

Step 4 - Content Development

You may have heard it said that “Content is King” and that content marketing is how you succeed online. Whilst there are many factors to a robust SEO strategy, content is the primal substance that is going to draw in customers and engage them to interact with your brand. Content is one of the main factors Google and other search engines use to determine what your web pages are about. As part of our SEO a content writer along with an SEO Specialist will conduct a review of your target page content and make improvements to ensure it is SEO friendly.

Step 5 - Backlink Audit & Outreach

Alongside on-site search engine optimisation an important aspect of succeeding in search engines is off-site optimisation otherwise known as Link Building or Backlinks. This is where a website places a link on their site back to yours. This area of SEO is still considered one of the most significant factors for achieving high positions in search engines. We use industry white-hat techniques to help obtain relevant and high quality backlinks through a range of expert outreach methods, We will only use white-hat techniques and never cut corners when it comes to SEO – this will make sure that your campaign is implemented healthily, develops at a natural speed and won’t be detrimental to your progress within search engines such as Google. On the whole, we are looking to improve your ranking in the long-term and develop a lasting business relationship.

Step 6 - Reporting

We will provide you with an insightful month-to-month and year-to-year report of how your website is gaining traction in search engines, your increased visibility and overall impact of your website through the eyes of search engines.

Peace of mind

We offer 30-day rolling contracts to our clients so you’re able to review our SEO management on a monthly basis. We don’t tie our clients into a lengthy agreement, which seems to be the reason why so many of our customers stay with us simply because they are impressed by our performance.

We guarantee that our consultants are some of the best in the business and hold a wealth of experience within their field. We’ve cherry-picked members of our team for their industry knowledge and clear passion for providing fantastic services to clients of all sizes and budgets.

Our SEO services are 30 day rolling

Why Hire Us?

Put simply, our bespoke SEO services are designed to benefit your business. We explain everything at the initial consultation and explore your options according to your budget, current positions within the search engines and even the design of your website. Developing your online presence can occasionally be a tricky task and if necessary we will choose to combine various elements of search engine optimisation to achieve the best results for your company. Unlike many SEO agencies, we ensure that your expectations for the campaign are outlined from the very beginning and we will always offer honest and unbiased advice.

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Optimising your website to be more discoverable is an exciting time and our friendly team are ready to chat to you about your website and how we can assist you in achieving search engine success.